Documenting a Linux Distribution

How to Fit a Few Elephants in a Van

Copyright © 2003 Camille Bégnis

We will analyze in this presentation an interesting documentation project which, because of its specific constraints, needed innovative solutions to meet traditional business production requirements.

1. The documents: a Few Elephants

10. Use of Conditional Content (F)

2. Documents Related Constraints

11. Use of a Strict Document Workflow (G)

3. Context Related Constraints

12. Synchronization System (H)

4. A few Advantages

13. Automatic reports (I)

5. Using XML DocBook (A)

14. Problems & Solutions

6. CVS: Concurrent Versionning System (B)

15. A Practical Example

7. Internet Communication Tools (C)

16. Conclusion

8. Open Source License (D)

17. Thank You!

9. Dividing Content Into Topic Modules (E)