Font Harvester

I have written a little perl script that allows to automatically make XEP aware of all fonts installed on your system.

This script searches for AFM and TTF fonts into provided paths. It then generates a modified xep.xml configuration file. Optionnaly, the script can also output a sample FO file with all found fonts and transform it to PDF. Some details:

  • A "font-group" is created for each parsed directory and for each font format (TTF or AFM);

  • By defaults AFM fonts are not embedded;

  • if a PFB or PFA file associated to an AFM file is found, then it is added to the font-data definition, and the font is embedded;

  • AFM files are parsed in order to try to determine the font style. Fonts are then grouped into the font-family element.

  • TTF files are assigned a font-family each and are embedded by default.

Usage:  groupfont4xep.pl --conf </path/to/xep.xml> [--out <sample.pdf>] <path1> <path2> ...
The script creates a "xep-new.xml" file in current dir

  --help       - shows this text.
  --verbose    - self explaining.
  --version    - shows version number and exits.
  </path/to/xep.xml>   - the full path to XEP configuration file
  <sample.pdf>         - Name of output sample PDF file (optional)
  <path1> <path2> ...  - The paths where to search for fonts

You can download the script here, it's under GPL license. This is meant to work under Linux, at least.