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Camille Bégnis

Information Science Specialist

Projects Management

Open-Source Technologies

Technical Documentation

Date of Birth: 18/05/1974


Nationality: French

Professional Objective

Contribute with my knowledge and experience acquired as a documentation manager to a major Information Technologies project.

Work Experience

Since 1999. MandrakeSoft (www.mandrakesoft.com)
Documentation Project Manager

  • Development and maintenance of the Borges Documentation Production System, allowing to cope with restrained deadlines and human resources

  • Writers, translators and programmers management of the documentation project in an international context

  • In charge of the distribution documentation and partly in charge of the trainings material

1998-1999 French Embassy in the Dominican Republic

Assistant to the Scientific and Cultural Adviser

  • System administrator of the Embassy, webmaster

  • Follow-up on cooperation programs

1998 IRCAM (Institute for musical and acoustics research and coordination), Paris
Graduate Diploma Practice

  • Qualitative study of brass instruments

1997 Dassault Aviation St-Cloud
Practice at numerical analysis department

  • Wrote software for electrical schema analysis


1997-1998 IRCAM Paris

  • DEA (Graduate Diploma) ATIAM (Acoustics, signal processing and data processing applied to music)

1994-1997 ENSAM Paris/ Aix-en-Provence

  • Engineer Graduate Diploma specialized in structures and numerical modeling. Final year project at Moscow State University


  • French: Mother Tongue

  • English. Reading skills: excellent. Writing and Verbal skills: very good

  • Spanish: Excellent

Social Skills and Competences

  • Ability to communicate and work with many different people from many different nationalities

  • Ability to manage and improve collaboration of multicultural teams

  • Ability to be at ease either face-to-face with people or remotely through Internet

Those competences were acquired during my various stays in foreign countries and at MandrakeSoft, working 4 years with people all over the globe.

Organizational Skills and Competences

  • Ability to manage large teams (more than 20 people) made of both permanent and occasional members

  • Ability to delegate

  • Ability to adapt a project to strong time, money, and human resources constraints.

All this was learned as the Documentation project leader at MandrakeSoft

Technical Skills and Competences

  • XML/SGML: Extended knowledge of the various recommendations associated, and special experience on their application to technical documentation and data coding

  • Programming: Most common languages, particularly Perl and XSL

  • Linux: Extended knowledge of system use and server administration

  • Internet: creation and maintenance of a web site

Teaching Skills

Participation to numerous seminars and conferences, presenting various technologies and methods related to XML and Open-Source tools (Paris, London, Lyon, Bordeaux) in both English and French.

Artistic Skills and Competences

  • Playing the trumpet since more than 10 years

  • Experience as a conductor in little ensembles

  • Playing at local bands

Curriculum Vitae of Camille Bégnis