Etude Subjective-Objective sur le paramètre d'ouverture de la trompette
Annexe 3.a
Dear colleague,

Specialists generally agree on the fact that a trumpet's "openness"  is a determining factor in the instrument's perceived quality. Within the context of a wide study carried on over many years about the quality of musical instruments, the instrumental acoustics team at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique et Musique in Paris is working nowadays on the characterization of this "openness" notion for a trumpet. In order to collect the most preliminary information possible on this subject, we appeal to you for your  experience to determine what this notion of "openness" means in one trumpeter's mind. With this aim in view we prepared a questionnaire, the answers from which should allow us to draw the study's main lines. By answering, you will help contribute to the quality of the project results.

Our in-line questionnaire is available in English at:
and in French at:

Thanks for your collaboration.

As soon as a summary of the results can be available, we will set up a web page.

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