15. A Practical Example

In April, the documentation team was asked to deliver for May the documentation for the special versions of the operating system for Opteron© and Itanium2© processors. These two versions were based on the previous version (9.0) of the standard operating system which was then at 9.1. Required languages were English and French.

This is how each feature of the system was used:

A new branch derived from 9.0 is created on CVS to hold Opteron and Itanium specific changes;

all tasks are assigned to engineers in France and Ukraine, writers in France and Argentina, a proofreader in New-Zealand;

all needed changes are brought to existing modules in English, using conditional content for one or the other processor or for both at once;

changes are mirrored in French;

after an ultimate proofreading, all documents are generated from source and shipped.

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